Creating Water Textures

Let's try adding some reflection - Left click on the 'Reflection_Color' 'socket' and drag a line

to create a new node - Select 'Lighting'. Then, 'Ray trace', then 'Reflect'. In the 'Reflect' box, set the 'Background'

Color to a light blue, this helps create a 'blue' tinted reflection, if they are not already set, set the

'Quality' to 0.2 and the 'Softness' to zero. A higher quality setting will give a sharper reflection, which we don't

particularly want for water. Select the 'Reflection_Color' as all white and the 'Reflection_Value'

as 0.5, this will reflect 50% of all light


The preview pane looks a bit more interesting. The rendered image looks like this

We now have some interesting reflections, but it still doesn't look like water!

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